Why GleeFit?

Our Purpose

GleeFit is a digital community of instructors and class participants for live, online exercise classes. 

Studios and gyms often slot instructors into times and practice types that do not fit their own strengths and expertise, or run counter to instructors’ intuition. At GleeFit, we believe instructors themselves are the best judges of what and when to teach. Thus we empower instructors to choose the timing and approach of their own classes. We also eliminate any of the hassle of online classes for instructors – they don’t need to worry about sending confirmations or reminders to participants, collecting payments, or setting up video technology. Instructors on GleeFit do only what they do best – teach classes!

For participants, there are many reasons why they may be turned off by online classes. GleeFit seeks to eliminate as many of those reasons as possible. No downloads or Zoom necessary, and reminders prompt them when a class is about to start. Also, we believe the subscription model is not fit for purpose for many participants, often charging them for classes they do not take. At GleeFit, participants only pay for the classes they take.

For our community, GleeFit offers a novel technical approach that makes the online exercise experience as seamless as possible. We seek to establish new connections between members of the community every day. Our aim is to encourage regular exercise among as many people as possible, supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of all members of the GleeFit community.

Our Vision

At GleeFit, our vision is to:

  • Make fitness easy. Classes can be taught or taken from anywhere – all that’s needed is a device and an internet connection. What’s more, GleeFit is easy and hassle-free, for both instructors and participants. With our integrated video system, no Zoom or downloads are required. Features – such as class times in your local time and reminders 30 minutes before classes start – mean scheduling and taking classes is simple.
  • Empower instructors. We believe instructors are the best judges of what classes to teach, and when to teach them, in order to both cater to participants’ needs and maximise participation. GleeFit encourages instructors to teach the number and type of classes that they see fit.
  • Create a cutting edge online class experience. All GleeFit’s classes are live. Participant numbers per class are strictly limited to ensure each participant receives personal coaching and attention. In this way GleeFit recreates the gym/studio experience as closely as possible. Also, GleeFit instructors meet high criteria for qualifications and experience.
  • Ensure maximum flexibility. Participants only pay for classes they take – there is no long term commitment. And those classes are affordable, typically costing less than a similar walk-in class in a gym or studio.
  • Provide a versatile platform. GleeFit welcomes nearly all exercise types, with an interface and online class environment that can cater to all types of small group classes. With many instructors teaching multiple disciplines, and with participants often interested in various exercise types, GleeFit aims to be a single hub for online classes across exercise types.