Instructor Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct produced by Glee-Fit Limited (“GleeFit”, “we”, “us”, the “Company”) defines and sets out the behaviour and high standards we expect of GleeFit Instructors:

This Code of Conduct forms an integral part of your obligations pursuant to the Instructor Platform Agreement.

From the point of Engagement with Glee-Fit, you are to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Glee-Fit reserves the right to change this Code of Conduct from time to time and Instructors are responsible for staying up to date with changes we make to this document.

The Company approves Instructors to offer classes, based on qualifications and/or experience.

The Company reserves the right to decline an application of any potential Instructors for any reason and particularly if the Platform believes in its reasonable opinion that the Instructor may not be able to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Fitness Classes:

  1. The Instructor must offer a one hour class as advertised. 60 minute classes must contain at least 40 minutes of exercise/instruction.
  1. We strongly encourage the Instructor to log in to each class at least 3 minutes before the advertised start time. The Instructor must log in at the latest 3 minutes past the advertised start time of the class.

Health and Safety:

  1. The contents of this Health and Safety policy applies to all users, namely Participants and Instructors. Instructors who provide Fitness Instruction Services are responsible for the compliance of this Health and Safety Policy.
  1. Instructors must report any non-conformance of our Health and Safety Policy to [email protected].
  1. Instructors and Participants must, when using the Company’s services, be in good health and have no disability, impairment, injury, disease or ailment preventing them from engaging in active or passive exercise or which would cause increased risk of injury or adverse health consequences as a result of the Company’s services.
  1. Participants acknowledge that classes can involve intense physical exercise and it is their sole responsibility to ensure that they are able to participate.
  1. If a Participant has any injury that may prevent full participation they should discuss this with the Instructor before the class begins. Any advice from Instructors does not constitute medical advice, and we strongly recommend that Participants consult a qualified healthcare professional prior to commencing a class if they have any concerns about their health or wellbeing.
  1. Participants acknowledge that classes are designed for educational and entertainment purposes only and they should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice or treatment. The use of any information provided in our classes is solely at Participants’ own risk.
  1. Participants acknowledge that some of the classes may be physically demanding and they understand that it is their responsibility to consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to participating in classes to ensure that they are fit and well enough to take part and that their participation in the classes will not pose any unusual or serious risks to their health and well-being.
  1. By accessing and taking part in any classes Instructors and Participants warrant and represent that they are fit and healthy to take part.
  1. Instructors and Participants waive, release, covenant not to claim, and discharge GleeFit from any and all claims arising out of their participation in any classes.

Reasons for Suspension:

  1. Reasons for suspending or terminating an Instructors Account pursuant to the Instructor Platform Agreement and this Code of Conduct include without limitation:
    • Inappropriate behaviour during or outside of classes;
    • inappropriate attire during classes;
    • cancelling classes at very short notice and/or not appearing to scheduled classes;
    • using the Platform to connect with Participants and then circumventing the Platform for payment and/or conducting classes;
    • repeated complaints from Participants; and
    • wrong information about qualifications/experience.