We’re a fitness community for instructors and participants. Instructors post and participants attend online classes whenever and wherever they want, anywhere in the world. GleeFit also provides the video connection for the classes, so instructors and participants don't need to use any other meeting technology for classes. Both instructors and participants can take part at home or from any location with an internet connection!

Just book a class, and then take it! All you need is a device with a camera, such as smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. We like things simple and inclusive, with training that doesn’t require special equipment.

No. Instructors only teach the classes they want. Participants only pay for the classes they book and take. There is no commitment beyond that. But of course, we hope to see you again and again!

Booking classes

It's simple! Participants pay for classes upon booking, with credit card. The payment guarantees their place in the class.

We're sorry, at the moment, this is not possible, but we are working to offer this option in the near future!

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way. If an instructor cancels a class, participants will receive a refund for the class. If the class was free as a participant’s first class, the participant will be able to book another class for free.

Not to worry! If you cancel a class, you will receive a full refund for the class. If the class was free as your first class, you will be able to book another class for free.

Taking classes

No. GleeFit emphasizes personal instruction which can only be provided through a live class. We also want to protect the privacy of instructors and users. Recordings are therefore not available. We also ask that participants and instructors not record classes.

It's easy! Both instructors and participants simply need a device with a camera and an internet connection (smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.). No special software is required. We strongly are strongly encourage our instructors to use a device with a large screen (tablet, laptop, PC) to ensure they can see all participants at once.

GleeFit is open to any type of exercise which qualified instructors are willing to teach and which do not require specialized equipment or a special license. This includes yoga, pilates, barre, HIIT, tai chi, aerobic training, strength training, and others.

We want to keep it personal, with small class sizes that mean you get personal feedback and attention from our instructors. GleeFit's classes therefore are capped at 12 participants. Of course, many classes will have fewer than the 12 person maximum!

If you want privacy, feel free to keep the camera off. That said, we encourage participants to turn on their camera in order to benefit from personal attention and coaching by the insutrctor.

Please try to join the class 2-3 minutes before the scheduled class time. We encourage instructors to do the same in order to answer questions and address concerns from newcomers.

All of our classes are scheduled for one hour. We ask instructors to include at least 40 minutes of instruction, demonstration, and exercise in each class. And hold tight, in the near future, GleeFit will offer other class lengths than 1 hour.

For instructors

We aim for all of our participants to have a high quality class experience. GleeFit requires instructors to be qualified and have relevant experience in the classes they intend to provide. When applying, we ask instructors to provide their qualifications and 2-3 gyms or studios at which they currently teach or have taught. Please visit our sign up page for instructors, where you will be asked to enter the information required for us to approve you as an instructor and provide you with an instructor account.

No. If you are approved as an instructor on GleeFit, you will not need to pay any initial or ongoing fee to teach on the platform.

Just teach. With no restrictive gym affiliations and no complicated set up, we remove all the hassle of payment and extra video software. All you need is a device with a camera, such as smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

All classes are scheduled for 1 hour. Instructors are asked to provide at least 40 minutes of instruction, demonstration, and exercise. GleeFit plans to offer instructors the possibility of scheduling classes of differing lengths in the near future.

You receive compensation per participant and class. The more participants in a class, the more you earn. Even with a small number of participants, you will typically earn the same, if not more, than you would at a gym or studio!

Instructors are paid for each participant in each class. Instructor compensation is slightly less than the amount participants pay. This is because GleeFit collects VAT (value added tax). Also, GleeFit uses some of participants' payment to fund our booking system and the class video technology. In return, you as an instructor have access to the entire GleeFit participant population.

As an instructor, any classes you post to GleeFit will be available to all of GleeFit's participant base. Your classes appear both on your personalized instructor page and on the general GleeFit class listings. In addition, we highly encourage you to advertise your classes on social media and any other channels (web pages, newsletters, emails, etc.).

No, it's all up to you! The number of classes instructors offer is your decision. Please note that payment is per participant and class. You will not be compensated if no participant books a given class.

We ask you to ensure that there are no outside interruptions while you teach a class (for instance from kids or pets). You should also ensure that you have enough space to demonstrate all motions. You should place your device such that the camera fully captures your movements and also so that you can see the participants during most of the class. We ask you to log in to the class 2-3 minutes before the scheduled start time to avoid delays and address any questions from people new to the online class experience. We also encourage you to ask about any special needs at the beginning of a class, for instance whether any participant is new to the exercise or has injuries.

GleeFit compensates instructors at the beginning of the month for all classes taught during the previous month.